CAPI system

Rapid Asia has a very reliable sub-contractor and can offer consistency in data collection and data management. To improve this process even further, survey data will be collected with the use of computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI). This has become a standard process at Rapid Asia and all our sub-contractors are required to use computer tablets. Whilst many data collection firms use CAPI, their ability to program online questionnaires with inbuilt logic checks tends to vary. To ensure better consistency, while at the same time taking more control of how the questionnaire is scripted on the CAPI system, Rapid Asia uses Survey Solutions, a CAPI system developed by the World Bank Group. This will provide clients with the following benefits:

  • Full control over the online survey design and the ability to take full advantage of the various design features Survey Solutions has to offer to eliminate systematic errors in the data
  • One hundred percent consistency in data as the survey is programmed once and only adjusted to incorporate translations
  • Ability to instantly correct mistakes and simultaneously update the online questionnaire during training and pilot testing
  • Ability to do near real-time data monitoring, down to individual enumerators
  • Interim data files can be downloaded and shared with clients for checking at any time
  • All data is collected into one data file without the need for any manual data entry, saving valuable time and effort during data analysis.