Rapid Asia Commence Work in Myanmar


Rapid Asia came to Yangon for the first and in the same week another first time visitor set their foot in Myanmar, President Obama! Yangon is a fascinating place with a sense of optimism and everyone we met was friendly and helpful. Rapid Asia held a training session for 30 volunteers and observers from World Vision, UNIAP and FXB on premises overlooking the beautiful Inya Lake. Working closely with the Burmese we learned a number of things. First, there was a strong sense of enthusiasm and Burmese people don’t seem to mind hard work. They were diligent and had good capacity for learning new things. In this case we were dealing with fairly young people which shows the great potential the country has. Secondly, Yangon at least was far more modernized than we initially thought. It reminded us of Cambodia in many ways, a thriving economy with new developments springing up on every block. SIM cards are still expensive but you can now buy pre-paid SIM cards for just a few dollars. Internet connection was reasonable and is expected to improve very rapidly. Finally, whilst an element of bureaucracy still exists, the Burmese are very efficient and know how to muddle through the red tape. So it seems, at least in part, the system is predictable and that of course is a big help and half the battle won!