Complete Training to KAP Study on Wildlife Protection in Vietnam

Rapid Asia in Vietnam

Rapid Asia together with local volunteers having completed training to carry out a major KAP study on wildlife protection in Hanoi. Many wildlife species are under threat in South East Asia. One particular gruesome activity is the consumption of bear bile, which is extracted from living bears that are kept in captivity under the most… Read more »

Rapid Asia Joined a Major Behavioral Change Communication Event in Philippines

Rapid Asia in Philippines

Daniel Lindgren, Founder at Rapid Asia, together with ‘research legend’ and former colleague Mercy Abad and local contractor team from Insight + Total Research Provider. On this occasion a major behavioral change communication event was held to raise awareness about human rights. Local and foreign bands, including Jay Park from South Korea, helped to attract… Read more »

Rapid Asia Trained 20 Local Enumerators from University of Benin, Nigeria

Rapid Asia in Nigeria

Rapid Asia and representatives from UNODC and University of Benin following a training program held in Benin City, Nigeria. Human trafficking is a global problem and the second largest illegal trade in the world. In Nigeria, a major target is young girls aged 11 to 18 years, who are trafficked to Europe for prostitution. Benin… Read more »

Cambodia – Training Session for a Major Study on Climate Change Resistance

Rapid Asia in Cambodia

Staff members from CEDAC and Plan International participate in a training session in Phnom Penh to prepare for a major study on climate change resistance. Small-scale farmers who reside in two of the poorest provinces in Cambodia, Siem Reap and Kampong Cham, have been found to be particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change…. Read more »

Rapid Asia in Timor-Leste for a Major Campaign on Human Trafficking

Rapid Asia in East-Timor

Daniel Lindgren, Founder of Rapid Asia, outside the wall surrounding the sports stadium in central Dili. After independence in 1999, the wall was painted with various motives to promote peace. Rapid Asia ventured into Timor-Leste (East Timor) to carry out an evaluation for a major campaign on human trafficking. The campaign was part of a… Read more »