BANNING SHARK FIN SOUP: Obtain Private Sector Support Through CSR


  Companies are increasingly searching for ways to show that they are good corporate citizens. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been around for a while but many companies struggle to hit the mark as they seek sound causes that match their corporate profile and align with sustainability efforts. Many are also not familiar with the… Read more »

Beware When Measuring Campaign Awareness


One often misunderstood term in social development research is ‘awareness’. What exactly do we mean by awareness and how should we measure it? Advocacy is one of the cornerstones of a successful development program. Investing in beneficiary mind space is crucial for social marketing communication and reliable measures are therefore important. Awareness is commonly used… Read more »

How 10 dollars can help Nepal and save LinkedIn


Rapid Asia establishes what works and does not by providing evidence based research results to our social development partners. Technology is increasing key to our success: mobile phones for data collection, a portal for our consultancy panel and increasingly LinkedIn for marketing and networking. Here is another example of leveraging LinkedIn for business and disaster… Read more »

IFAW-commissioned survey by Rapid Asia ; Prominent Chinese citizens call on lawmakers to “Save China’s Image, End the Ivory Trade”

Prominent Chinese citizens call on lawmakers to “Save China’s Image, End the Ivory Trade” We know that the government plays a crucial role in changing Chinese attitudes about ivory consumption. Not only must government make laws to discourage the burgeoning demand, but it has to change its own behaviors. That is why Chinese artist and… Read more »

Rapid Asia presents evaluation results of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards in Hanoi

Rapid Asia together with representatives from the Department of Agriculture and WSPA in Hanoi.  The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS), has been developed by WSPA to be an international standard for improving the quality of livestock programs in connection with humanitarian disasters. The Ministry of Agriculture in Vietnam is adopting LEGS approach to be part of their national… Read more »