Rapid Asia in collaboration with UN Women conducted a Validation Workshop in LAO PDR


On 29 April 2016, Rapid Asia in collaboration with UN Women conducted a Validation Workshop with a view to presenting key findings from a baseline study on “Situation of Market Vendors in Vientiane Capital”. Workshop participants included key stakeholders from Lao government agencies. Recommendations and comments on the key findings from this workshop will be incorporated… Read more »

Rapid Asia’s Presentation of Youth Engagement Study in Cambodia


Rapid Asia recently conducted a national youth study in Cambodia, focusing on youth engagement in politics. This is the first time such as this has been done in Cambodia. Youth’s direct engagement in politics is still limited as reflected by a low number of youth candidates and youth elected at national and commune levels. The… Read more »

Evaluation Framework by Rapid Asia on Reducing Demand for Illegal Wildlife in Vietnam


Photo derived from Love Frankie Hanoi, March 30, 2016: Twenty-five Vietnam-based civil society and government organizations convened yesterday in Hanoi and shared lessons learned on what is working and what is not on “behavior change” campaigns aimed at reducing wildlife consumption. Vietnam’s strong appetite for wildlife products and the adverse impact this is having on endangered… Read more »

Measuring Demand Reduction

Demand Reduction

Watch the presentation about Demand Reduction We are hearing more about demand reduction these days. Demand reduction applies in situations where we wish to undo damaging behavior, or, influencing people not to engage in such behavior in the first place. Encouraging people not to consume wildlife products is a good example of demand reduction. But… Read more »

Rapid Asia on Shining Light into Darkness : Opening Hearts and Minds

Cultivating Compassion for Wildlife via Free Thinking Far behind the frontline of the killing fields, where rangers are battling it out with armed gangs to protect wild animals in remote jungles and border areas, another front is opening up against poaching. The military would call it ‘Psyops’. The corporate world calls it marketing. The development… Read more »

Learning from Evaluation Results – 5 Simple Steps


Too often, evaluations are treated as a ‘slap stick’ exercise. Results may point to critical flaws in the program or intervention but there is resistance from project custodians who may not agree and have a different interpretation. In contrast to the old saying that “we learn from our mistakes”, fear of failure and entrenched views… Read more »