Lack of compensation for human trafficking victims in Thailand


Human trafficking is a global issue where hopeful workers are deceived, often by people they trust, and end up as victims of forced labor. Thailand persists to be a substantial source, destination and transit country for human trafficking. When perpetrators are captured, their assets are seized and it is reasonable to assume that at least… Read more »

The IOM X and Rapid Asia partnership

IOM X Asia Final Report

Since the inception of the IOM X Asia in October 2014, Rapid Asia has been a key partner for the purpose of evaluating the various BCC campaigns around the region. Each campaign was different and took place in a different settings and cultural context, from vulnerable women migrants in Maguindanao in the Philippines to employers… Read more »

The new report on compensating victims of trafficking in Thailand and Cambodia

Liberty Asia report

In early 2018, Rapid Asia conducted a study on compensations for trafficking victims in Thailand and Cambodia. The project was commissioned by Liberty Asia, a Hong Kong based international NGO. The final report was launched in November 2018 and titled: “Turning Possibilities into Realities: Compensating Victims of Trafficking under Anti-Trafficking Legal Frameworks in Thailand and… Read more »

Pushing for electronic payment in the Thai fishing industry

fishing 1 (3)

Photo: Free source Interview with Mr. Jason Judd, Chief Technical Advisor, International Labour Organisation (ILO) Country Office for Thailand, Cambodia, and Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The interview took place in Bangkok on October 9, 2018. A recent study (2017) on working conditions in the Thai fishing industry, conducted by Rapid Asia on behalf of the… Read more »

One way to reduce forced labour

Photo: TesfaNews, Ethiopian migrant domestic workers mark International Workers' Day in Beirut by demonstrating for basic rights

A study by Rapid Asia, conducted on behalf of ILO Ethiopia in 2017, estimated that 72 percent of returned migrants could be regarded as forced labour. Most of the returned migrants had entered the Middle East using irregular channels, in many cases going through transit countries, placing them at significant risk of exploitation. The study… Read more »

SEA Junction


Rapid Asia is a Founding Partner of SEA Junction, established on June 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. SEA-Junction (Southeast Asia Junction) provides a venue for interaction on Southeast Asia. Events such as presentations, discussions and film screenings are organized on a regular basis. As the name indicates, “SEA-Junction” is meant to be an informal place of… Read more »

Scand Asia: Opinion “Is Thailand Facing Another Migrant Exodus?”


Mr. Daniel Lindgren, founder of Rapid Asia, provides some insight in light of the proposed Royal Ordinance, under the topic “Is Thailand Facing Another Migrant Exodus?” Thailand has some 3–4 million migrant workers that fill the gap for much needed low-skilled labor and companies in several sectors are dependent on these workers. However, a recent… Read more »