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Recruitment fees and related costs

The “Recruitment fees and related costs” report was a major research study carried out by Rapid Asia, on behalf of ILO, in Thailand. The…


How to spot fake polls

 Photo credit: Canada Free Press Fact based reporting in the media and opinion–based information has become increasingly more difficult to fact check. “Fake news”…


Smartphone penetration amongst migrant workers

Photo credit: Rapid Asia With expanding access to technology—primarily through the use of smartphones—disseminating and sharing information has become increasingly more efficient. This should…

Attitudes towards migrant workers

Many developing countries, including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, are facing labour shortages due to ageing populations and in some cases, low fertility rates….


Can e-payments empower migrant workers?

Rapid Asia recently undertook a study on behalf of Humanity United and The Freedom Fund to evaluate the electronic payment system adopted by the…