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As a result of globalization, donors are increasingly concerned to see evidence that aid programs are making a difference. Terrorism, Pandemic Prevention, Human Trafficking, and Climate Change are no longer problems that only impact on some distant developing country; they are trans-boundary issues that affect all of us. For every project that Rapid Asia undertakes we look to add real value by providing:

Evidence based insights to social development partners

The outcome of this philosophy is ensuring clients are given the best opportunity to expand their social development programs.

To achieve this, high quality evaluations are underpinned by using validated best practice models and having the ability to benchmark results. In the process of undertaking an evaluation, success is achieved through client collaboration, emphasis on generating results from a beneficiary perspective, and ensuring buy-in from stakeholders.

philosophy triangle

At Rapid Asia we believe that monitoring and evaluation, if done properly and independently, is a continuous process, it is never too late to start. Following a successful impact evaluation a program has potential to expand with the evaluation feeding into the new engagement stage to inform planning and program development.

Rapid Asia philosophy