Rapid Asia Plays Role in Demand Reduction for Wildlife

GAO Report

During 2013-2016 Rapid Asia conducted a number of demand reduction impact surveys for USAID’s Asia’s Regional Response to Endangered Species Trafficking (ARREST) program. The surveys played a key role in the overall evaluation of the iTHINK Campaign to reduce demand for various wildlife products such as ivory, tiger parts, pangolin, bear bile etc. See GAO… Read more »

Demand for Shark Fin Potentially Increasing in Thailand

Photo: Ecozine.com

Photo: Ecozine.com Imagine cutting off the fins of a shark and then throwing the carcass back into the water. Still alive, the shark slowly sinks to the bottom as it can no longer swim. The shark dies a slow death. The conservative estimate for global fishery mortality of sharks is 100 million sharks per year…. Read more »